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Saints vs Cowboys Game Thread

Well, this matchup looked good on paper before the season. Now, not so much.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday Night Football, week 4. The NFL can't be too happy how this matchup has developed. Coming into the season the Cowboys looked like a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and the Saints still seemed dangerous as long as Drew Brees was at the helm. Now Tony Romo is out for the majority of the season and Drew Brees is playing hurt. The Cowboys are starting Brandon Weeden and look like a team about to sink into mediocrity. The Saints have already slid past mediocrity into the ranks of the worst teams in the NFL. In a battle of teams likely to be sitting out the playoffs this year, it's difficult to generate a whole lot of enthusiasm for this matchup. I guess we can all admire Dallas' stellar offensive line.

Enjoy the game everybody. Discuss the game here.
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