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No Problems Between Brandon Marshall & Devin Smith

Brandon Marshall has spoken candidly about getting into it with Devin Smith following the loss in New England.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Nobody likes to lose, especially professional athletes. That may be the biggest understatement of the century, but it's true. When you lose, you're amped up, you're frustrated and you do and say things that in the cold hard light of day, you probably regret.

Anyone who watched the game on Sunday will understand the frustration of the Jets at the final whistle. We had a chance to walk out of Foxborough with a win over the reigning Super Bowl champs and a share of the division lead. Nobody was more frustrated than Brandon Marshall.

After dropping a pass that would have given the Jets a good lead in the 4th quarter, Marshall recovered an onside kick, giving the Jets a chance to tie the score or even go for the win. The Jets never got that chance because Marshall was called for a false start penalty, which comes with a 10 second run-off, game over, Patriots win and the Jets fall to 4-2.

In the midst of all that was a little disagreement between Brandon Marshall and rookie wide receiver Devin Smith. An argument that was carried from the field into the locker room.

"He was saying, 'Hey, it's clear I'm on the ball,'" Marshall explained. "I was saying, 'I hear that, but we just have to communicate in those moments.' I've been in the league a long time. There's a certain way I'm used to doing things and a certain way he's used to doing things. It's good to be able to tell him things.

"It's high emotions," Marshall added. "You lose a game like that, there's a lot of emotion. Sometimes you need time to cool off. That happens every Sunday on every sideline."

Now you can point the finger at Marshall for not recognizing or on Smith for not communicating, but that's pointless. It's happened and Marshall confirmed they have both moved on, and there are no lasting problems. Disagreements happen, it got dealt with, the Jets lost and it's important that everyone is prepared for the much improved Oakland Raiders this week.