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Jets Injury News

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There were some injury developments today for the Jets. Todd Bowles discussed it in his press conference.

On players who did not practice or were limited today…

Calvin Pryor, Willie Colon, (Nick) Mangold, (Eric) Decker, (Chris) Owusu and Bilal Powell did not practice. Buster Skrine was limited. Devin Smith was limited.

On Decker’s injury…

He’s got a sore knee.

On if Decker’s sore knee was a residual injury…

Yes, he got a bruise. Just trying to be careful with it right now.

On D. Smith and Skrine’s injury…

Devin tweaked his ankle in practice today and Buster has got the shoulder and hand, but he still practiced.

On if Skrine will still play on Sunday

So far, yes.

On if D. Smith’s injury was serious…

I don’t know yet. He didn’t finish practice, but we’ll take a look at it when I get out of here.

On Mangold…

He’s sore, but he’s doing okay. He’s got to get the soreness out. Obviously, the x-rays were negative but he can’t do anything until he’s feeling better.

On Owusu…

Owusu had a concussion. (Reporter: Another one?) Yes.

On if Owusu’s injury occurred after the New England game…

It was after. He felt it after the game. We checked him out and he got it.

On if he could determine when Owusu’s concussion occurred against New England…

I honestly couldn’t tell you. There’s no way to pin point it because he played. Looking at the film, I didn’t see where it happened.

On if Owusu’s injury could have occurred when his face mask was pulled…

It could’ve been. Like I said, it didn’t look as bad but I don’t know. When you have a history of those things, it can come at any time. So I don’t know.

On if the injury was determined immediately after the game or after returning to New Jersey…

After we got back here.

On the progress of Powell and Calvin Pryor…

Bilal is doing a little bit more than Calvin right now. Calvin is going to have to show more later on in the week.

On if signing Wesley Johnson was in preparation for possibility that Mangold may not play…

Well we just want to be prepared. We made the move with Wes just in case.

On if Johnson or Dakota Dozier will start at center on Sunday

They’re both taking reps right now.

On if it is conceivable that Mangold will rest this week and still play on Sunday

It’s conceivable.

On if Ryan Quigley had a full practice…

Yes, he had a full practice.

The full injury report is below.

New York Jets

G Colon, Willie Knee DNP
WR Decker, Eric Knee DNP
C Mangold, Nick Neck DNP
WR Owusu, Chris Concussion/Shoulder DNP
RB Powell, Bilal Ankle DNP
S Pryor, Calvin Ankle DNP
CB Skrine, Buster Shoulder/Hand LP
WR Smith, Devin Ankle LP
S Bailey, Dion Hip FP
RT Giacomini, Breno Thumb FP
RB Ivory, Chris Hamstring FP
P Quigley, Ryan Right Shin FP
DE Williams, Leonard Knee FP
CB Williams, Marcus Hamstring FP

Oakland Raiders

S Woodson, Charles Shoulder/Knee DNP
LB Ball, Neiron Knee DNP
DB Carrie, TJ Shoulder LP
CB McGill, Keith Foot LP
DT Autry, Denico Concussion FP
DT Ellis, Justin Ankle FP