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Jets Anti-Game Ball Week 7: Quinton Coples

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost yesterday, which means we give out an anti-game ball. Who gets it this week?

It is a tough call. There were a number of Jets involved in big plays that cost the team, but there are not a whole lot of players who were completely terrible over the course of the game. Steve Weatherford was one. His punting was so poor that I don't think just being signed holds up as an excuse. I wasn't expecting him to be Ray Guy, but he could have been better than that. I still will let him off the hook.

Instead, I am going to go with Quinton Coples. This isn't just about yesterday, where he was a nonfactor on the field. He has been a nonfactor all season and for most of his career. The coaching staff has taken notice, and his snaps have gone way  down. Coples was only in for 36% of Jets' defensive snaps yesterday according to NFL statkeeping.

I understand the Jets didn't do him any favors trying to turn him into an edge player. I was skeptical of that move from the very start, and not much has happened since to suggest Coples can be successful there. At the same time, we are talking about a player with zero sacks this season and only one game with more than a single tackle.

If Coples is going to be a spot player, the Jets should look to get rid of him right now. Here's why. The front office picked up his fifth year option over the offseason. That means Coples carries a $7.7 million cap hit next season. That is money the team cannot afford to pay Coples. The final deadline comes in the offseason. Before that point, the Jets can walk away and not owe Coples anything.

Why not keep him? Why are you being so knee-jerk and saying get rid of him now, John? There is an exception. If Coples suffers a serious injury, it becomes guaranteed. Why hold onto a low impact part-time player and risk an injury? With the Jets up tightly against the salary cap, there is a good chance keeping Coples at that money will cost the Jets Damon Harrison or Muhammad Wilkerson.

Quinton Coples gets my anti-game ball. Who gets yours?