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Sheldon Richardson Upset On Quote Context

Sheldon Richardson isn't a man lacking on confidence, but his latest bravado seems to have upset the Jets #91.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

All week we have heard Todd Bowles speak of the respect he had for New England. How this was another game, how it would be tough, how the outcome would depend on who executed more plays. No bulletin board material, just honest answers to journalists looking for a sound bite. That seems to be the mantra for the team this year, quiet respect.

Sheldon Richardson was quoted by the Metro New York saying:

"This is going to be another win for us. We'll let you all write the columns about validating wins and stuff like that. This is going to be another win in the win column if we got out there and execute and do what we're supposed to do,"

"We're going to be up in the division, that's how we're going to look at it. We're going to be the front-runners, that's how we look at it."

It sounds confident, it sounds cocky and it sounds arrogant. The kind of quote you'd find under a Rex Ryan regime, but certainly not a quote you'd find under Todd Bowles. However hours after the story dropping, Sheldon sent the following tweet:

It seems as though Sheldon's quote was taken out of context. According to Rich Cimini of ESPN, Sheldon was responding to a question relating to whether he thought a win against the patriots would validate the Jets. In essence he said no, it would just be a win for the team. When you read it in that context, it sounds like a reasonable response.

Sheldon Richardson is a brash player who likes to talk. He can be a frustrating player, and he can antagonize the fans. He upset many this off-season when claiming he missed voluntary work to spend time with his family. As a full time worker, I'm not sure I could buy into his logic, what with him having several months off at a time. However on this occasion, it does sound as though it was a genuine mistake, a lack of context providing a different meaning.

Earlier this week Sheldon Richardson said the team were "licking their chops" in relation to playing the Patriots, following those comments, Todd Bowles was asked about players speaking out, providing sound bites that he perhaps didn't like:

On if he would say something to a player if they said something he didn’t agree with…

It all depends on what they said. They’re human, they’re players, and they’re going to say some things. I’m not going to take them in the back of the woodshed and beat them (laughter). We’re going to have a conversation if it merits a conversation. If not, you just move on. It’s not that big of a deal.

On if he said anything to Sheldon Richardson about his comments…

No, I didn’t say anything to him.