Nickname Ideas

This needs to get figured out. Our defense is too good not to have a nickname. There's no real defining characteristic except how shutdown they are. Based on the D-Line's nickname, Sons of Anarchy, maybe Men of Mayhem, another trope from the SoA show. Maybe we can name the secondary The Alcatraz (or something to do with NY) Archipelago to go with the Revis Island thing or maybe something like the Bowlesmuda Triangle (I know it bad). The No Fly Zone is boring and has already been used, but I like the Jet tie in, so maybe Ground Control or something like that. There's got to be something, we're too good and too fun to leave it alone. The New York Sack Exchange is obviously the gold standard and it'll be near impossible to beat, but I believe we can. Hey, maybe we can start to get more sacks so that we can use it again! ANyways, I created this thread to continue the discussion until we figure it out.

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