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Some Neat New York Jets Defense Statistics

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

You know, we really need a dope (as the kids these days might call it) nickname for the New York Jets defense. Here are some neat-o statistics and facts about the best defense in the league:

  • They are the #1 overall defense in the league in yards allowed.
  • They are the #1 defense in points allowed.
  • They are the #1 team in red zone defense.
  • They have not allowed a single point this season in the third quarter.
  • Per ProFootballFocus, the two most used coverages by the team are "Cover 1 Blitz" and "Cover 0 Blitz." The game plan? Kill the quarterback.
  • After playing four down linemen on just 19 plays all season, the Jets employed that formation on 70 percent of snaps in Week 6.
  • Darrelle Revis is tied for fourth place in interceptions, and Marcus Gilchrist is tied for ninth in the league.
  • The Jets have fifteen total takeaways, third best in the league.
  • Revis has allowed 10 total yards in his coverage since Week 2. Per PFF, no other starter has given up fewer than 50.

What are some neat stats you've found on the defense? Any ideas for a nickname?