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Schadenfreude: Comparing the Buffalo Bills to the New York Jets

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

There are still many more games to go this season, so perhaps this is a bit premature, but I really can't help myself. Let's just take a brief minute to look over at how the Buffalo Bills are doing, led by former head coach Rex Ryan, and ohhh noooo.

  • Currently, the Bills are 3-3, and 1-3 at home. The New York Jets are 4-1, including 2-1 at home. The last time the Bills went 1-3 at home and the last time the Jets started 4-1 was in 2010.
  • Currently, the Bills have 62 penalties for 583 yards. The Jets have nearly half of that, with 33 for 341 yards.
  • Currently, the Bills are #16 in the league in points allowed on defense, #18 in yards allowed. The Jets are #1 in both categories.
  • Currently, the Bills have already had at least two players publicly complain about their role on the team (Sammy Watkins and Mario Williams). The Jets? None.
  • In nearly three and a half years, since the beginning of the 2012 season, Rex's team has won two games in a row exactly twice. Todd Bowles' team has already done it twice this year.

The early returns on switching Rex out for Bowles look good. Rex has seemingly transplanted the Jets he left up to Orchard Park, and while it's still early, it's fun to look at the differences between the two coaches. Knock on wood.