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Five Questions with The Phinsider

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We had a chance to ask Kevin Nogle of The Phinsider five questions about the Miami Dolphins, and here is what he had to say:

1.  The Dolphins started the season with high expectations, and they're floundering, to say the least. It's been said that Joe Philbin is on the hot seat... do you think he gets left on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport if the Dolphins lose to the Jets on Sunday?

I don't, but I think there is a chance defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle could be looking for a new job if the Dolphins lose this week - especially if they lose like they did last week against the Bills. I think a change will have to be made, but I just think it is way too early in the year to tag someone as an "interim" head coach, and I do not know who the team would give that title anyway. Bill Lazor has not been overly impressive, so I guess Darren Rizzi, the team's special teams coordinator, would have to be the guy if it happens.

2. I understand Ndamukong Suh has struggled since coming to Miami. Could you explain a little more what's going on, who is to blame, etc.?

I don't really think Suh is struggling, but I think we were all expecting more. I think the problem is that Suh is eating up double- and triple-teams on nearly every snap, and no one is using it to their advantage. Cameron Wake has been dealing with a hamstring injury all season, so that may be a part of the problem, but the linebackers are not making the plays Suh is setting up for them, and Olivier Vernon has not been able to seal his side of the line of scrimmage this year. Suh has not had the disruption up the middle we would all like to see, but I think it is because teams can simply scheme away from him when no one else is doing anything.

3. How has Ryan Tannehill looked this season? Is he still developing or do you think he has plateaued?

I think he is still developing, but it is hard to say. The offensive line has been a mess, and Tannehill seems to be getting hit every single time he drops back. Against the Bills, it led to one of his three interceptions (the others were a bad decision and a ball that Jarvis Landry knocked up into the air). He clearly has not looked as sharp as he did in the preseason, but none of the team has, so I think Tannehill is still worthy of being the Dolphins' "franchise" quarterback, but he needs to be given at least a couple of seconds to set his feet and find his receiver.

4. What are the best and worst units on the Dolphins?

Best? Ummm...uh....Reshad Jones? Not the safety unit...just Jones. He's been a monster so far this year, seeming to be in on every play. Let's go with him as the best.

The worst? Probably the guards, though the disappointment of the defensive line is not far behind. If Miami does not figure out a way to fix the offensive line, they will never find success this year.

5. Predictions for the game, and the rest of the season?

I have no idea. This team has so much talent, but has not yet put it together. The players seem to be getting angry about they way they have been playing, so maybe, just maybe, they will finally realize the season has started. Then again, the team has simply been bad so far this year. I'll guess that they will be able to put it together - finally - and get a win in London - making them 2-1 in the UK. Let's say 24-21?

As for the season, I am beginning to think it ends up 8-8 again, if Miami turns it around soon, but with this team, it could be just as easily 10-6 as 6-10. Let's stick with a preseason prediction of 9-7, just because I am stubborn and hoping a miracle happens.