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Jets Game Ball Week 6: Chris Ivory

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

I have two rules I like to follow when giving out game balls. First, I try to avoid giving it to the quarterback. Second, I try to avoid repeat recipients. Sometimes these rules prove impossible to follow. This is one of those instances. Even though he got the game ball two weeks ago, I feel compelled to give another one to Chris Ivory for his effort yesterday.

Ivory gained 194 yards from scrimmage in the win against Washington. He brought a big play dimension to the offense. Five Ivory touches resulted in gains of 18 yards or more. Big plays like this show that Ivory is making things happen on his own. He is not a product of his offensive line. He now ranks third in the league in rushing despite only having played four games in the first six weeks of the season. In the middle of October, he is already more than halfway to his career high for rushing yards.

It has been a great start to the season. Ivory once again gets my game ball. Who gets yours?