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Buster Skrine Has a Concussion

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Buster Skrine left today's win over Washington with an injury. In his postgame press conference, Todd Bowles confirmed Skrine has a concussion.

With New England and Julian Edelman looming, this is would an inopportune time for the Jets to lose their slot cornerback. Dexter McDougle came in and was very effective in relief of Skrine today, but Edelman is an entirely different challenge. It would be a bit much to ask a player seeing extended action for the second time in the NFL to hold up.

Hopefully Skrine is good to go next week. If he is not, I would envision the Jets using Darrelle Revis a lot in the slot against Edelman and Marcus Williams getting more work as an outside cornerback. We will certainly have to monitor Skrine's condition over the next few days to see whether he can go.