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Jets vs. Redskins: Talking Points the Announcers Will Beat Into the Ground

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

You know, Todd Bowles played for Washington as a safety for seven years and won a Super Bowl ring.

You know, this is a battle between the fifth and sixth picks in this year's NFL Draft, Brandon Scherff and Leonard Williams.

You know, Washington quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh had the same role with the Jets from 2009 through 2012.

You know, many prominent players have spent time with both of these teams through the years, including John Riggins, Laveranues Coles, and Santana Moss.

You know, there were reports the Jets were interested in trading for Kirk Cousins after Geno Smith's broken jaw in August.

You know, DeSean Jackson was on the Eagles in 2012 when Bowles was their defensive coordinator. They went up against each other every day in practice. These guys know a thing or two about facing off against one another.

You know, these teams both have former Baylor quarterbacks on their benches, Robert Griffin, III and Bryce Petty.