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Jets vs Redskins Weather Report

The Jets have come off the bye week and will try to defend home field. Awaiting the fans is high pressure and bitterly cold air.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to fall. Here in sunny Arizona, it was 103 on Wednesday, but for the Jets game Sunday it will be a lot, lot colder. High pressure is the primary culprit, with the cold Canadian air coming down south.

It's looking like any tailgaters will have to deal with the cold early. It wouldn't shock me if temperatures stayed under 40 degrees until 10am. Good news is that a grill doubles as a heater especially on days like today. Winds shouldn't be quite that bad in the early morning, so there's a plus. Expect them to gain strength throughout the morning, so if you are a bit on the later side, they will be a touch stronger.

Let's get to the most important part: weather during the game. Again, it will be pretty chilly. The MOS models are calling for the low 50's. The European,, fresh off it's shutout victory against the american models in forecasting Joaquin, calls for temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. Meanwhile the GFS and NAM are also going for temperatures in the 40's. MOS is great for day-to-day or more normal systems but this one is particularly strong, so the MOS is under doing it big time. All the other models are in the general ballpark of 46-48 so feel pretty comfortable with that range for a high temperatures.

The NWS in Upton, NY (Metlife is in that region) is calling for temperatures in the mid 40's. That sounds about right, I'll throw my hand out there and say 45 at gametime, with temperatures getting up near 48 by halftime. I can't see them getting to the 50 degree mark as I think the high pressure will pump a ton of cold air into the area.

Rain has a John Blutarsky GPA chance of actually falling at this game, but there might be a few clouds around from time to time. Otherwise I think you're looking at mostly sunny to sunny weather.

Winds will be strong at times. We could see them up to 15 miles per hour, generally out of the north/northeast. That puts the wind generally from end to end but if winds turn slightly more easterly, that could be enough to make them almost a true crosswind.

After the game, expect temperatures to stay in the 40's until dark. Winds will be going down after midnight so expect temperatures to go down again into the 30's yet again.