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Colts vs Patriots Game Thread

With any Luck, everybody's balls will be pumped up to regulation proportions.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Sunday Night Football, week 6. Well, the plot lines don't get much better than this. In the rarified air of Indianapolis, we get the Deflategate rematch. The game the Patriots have been waiting for with deflated baited breath for months. With Andrew Luck hurt and struggling, expectations for the rematch are probably wildly overinflated. This one feels like the wind got let out of it before the game ever started. Usually the strategy to beat each team is to take the air out of the ball, something the Patriots excel at. But this week there seems to be such a dispAIRity between the two teams it looks like the Colts have nothing but despAIR to look forward to. Anyway, the game goes on air 8:30 pm. If the Patriots take the wind out of the Colts' sails as expected, no doubt they will be airing their grievances far and wide in the aftermath. Nothing but a bunch of hot air most likely, but still, no doubt they will be gloating about Brady inflating his statistics through the air.

Enjoy the properly inflated footballs game everybody. Discuss the game here.
The usual rules apply. Do not illegally deflate the footballs. Do not ask for links to illegal broadcasts of games. Do not provide them either.