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Five Questions with Hogs Haven

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

We spoke to Ken Meringolo of Hogs Haven in preparation of the game this weekend between the New York Jets and the Washington Redskins, and here is what he had to say:

1. What are the early returns on Scot McCloughan? There were a lot of people, myself included, who wanted him with the Jets in some capacity, even if it wasn’t necessarily General Manager.

We call him McLovin around here. He's real and he's spectacular. He has already had an impact in the sense many of the players he has brought in can play the physical style he demands the Redskins employ. Brandon Scherff, Preston Smith and Matt Jones--his first three picks--are all proving to be guys who could make an impact here for years to come. I can't wait to see how he follows this past offseason up.

2. Is Robert Griffin III done for the Washington Redskins? Do you think we’ll ever see him take a meaningful snap again with the team, barring injury?

Griffin is done. He can't run the offense better than Cousins and the team is done catering its style to a player who has shown an inability to avoid sacks and be effective on third downs. Further, if he gets hurt on the field, we would owe him $16 million. He won't see the field for us again, I don't think.

3. With how much the NFC East has struggled, do you think the Redskins will make a playoff push? It’s crazy to me that three teams are tied at 2-3 and the New York Giants, the division leaders, are only one game ahead at 3-2. There’s no separation there.

The consensus seems to be that the one game lead the Giants enjoy is greater than it seems. I don't subscribe to that. I didn't expect the Redskins would be capable of making a playoff push but if you look at the way we play, it isn't that crazy of a thought. Our time of possession, third down conversion and rushing attack all place our offense near the top of the league. On defense, we don't get as much pressure on the QB as you need, but our front seven is stout. The NFC East is up for grabs in a major way.

4. What are the best and worst units on the Redskins roster?

Our secondary continues to be a weakness, although it has been better than I feared. It has been a storyline here for a few years, and McLovin has begun to address it, but he just had too many holes to fill. As for our best unit, I am happy to report that it is probably our offensive line. Kirk Cousins has had time to pass and our running backs have had holes to run through. For a site called Hogs Haven, this is incredible news!

5. Predictions for the game and the rest of your season?

I still have a Todd Bowes football card from when he played for Washington. I am extremely happy to see him getting this chance and his defense is as advertised. I think this game is winnable for the Redskins but it will come down to our ability to stop the Jets offense. I'll throw out a 24-20 Redskins win prediction, but my guess is that this game will be decided late in the fourth quarter. As for the season, an 8-8 finish would be something we all would have signed up for in August, but given that 9-7 might win our division, 8-8 might not feel as good as we once thought!