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Jets vs. Redskins: Washington's Goal: Establish the Run

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There is a cliche in game previews that a certain team is going to try to establish the run. Sunday afternoon, that cliche might be correct. Washington is a run first team.

Sometimes run-pass ratios get skewed by game situations. A team that falls way behind is going to throw a lot. A team that goes way ahead is going to run a lot. With the help of Pro Football Reference's Play Index, I did my best to figure out their run-pass ratio in neutral situations.

In the first quarter of games this season, Jay Gruden's bunch has run the ball on 54.4% of offensive plays. Only Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and Seattle were more apt to run the ball in the first quarter. Beyond that, Washington leads the league in rushing attempts with 114 when the margin of the game is within one score.

It makes sense. Their quarterback situation is every bit as shaky as the Jets' is. They have to avoid putting Kirk Cousins into dangerous downs and distances.

Gruden and his coaching staff also saw what happened to Miami against the Jets in London. The 'Skins are going to need positive plays on first and second down to keep Cousins out of dangerous passing downs against the Jets defense.

Again, it might be a cliche, but the battle in the trenches against the run game will be key for the Jets.