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NFL Week 5 Open Thread

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

We have no Jets on this NFL Sunday. Gang Green has its annual bye week. That means we are left to watch other teams play.

In Tennessee, Marcus Mariota gets the test of Rex Ryan's defense.

The Bengals take on the Seahawks in what might be a statement game for both teams.

Other early games include Washington against Atlanta, Cleveland against Baltimore, St. Louis against Green Bay, Chicago against Kansas City, New Orleans against Philadelphia, and Jacksonville against Tampa Bay.

The late games are headlined by a showdown between the Cowboys and the Patriots. Other late games are the Broncos against the Raiders and the Cardinals against the Lions.

It isn't the same without the Jets playing, but it should at least be a stress-free Sunday of NFL viewing. Enjoy the games, and leave your thoughts below. As always, we ask you neither ask for nor provide links to illegal internet broadcasts of NFL games.