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Francesa: New York Jets Will Not Hire Doug Marrone

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There is a report today from Mike Francesa that Woody Johnson was not thrilled after his interview with Doug Marrone, despite early reports that he was enamored with the ex-Buffalo Bills head coach. Apparently, some individuals within the organization suggested to Johnson that he hire Marrone, and he is refusing to do so.

There had already been reports that Johnson wasn't impressed with Marrone after his interview, from Seth Walder and others. This also makes sense since the team continues to look elsewhere and we haven't heard a peep since Marrone's interview. As a result, this would seemingly confirm that Marrone is either out of the equation or at least an unlikely hire.

I, for one, am happy if this is true. What about you?

Hat tip to Shane Lake for giving us the heads up.