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Bart Scott: Rex Ryan Could Fix Atlanta Falcons, Poach David Harris

Bart Scott is never afraid to open up and give his opinion on anything and everything, and he had a lot of good things to say about Rex and the potential job he could do in Atlanta.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Bart Scott gave quite the extensive interview regarding the qualities Rex Ryan possesses and why he is the right man to lead the Atlanta Falcons back to the playoffs. However, there was one snippet that was of particular interest, and it revolved around impending free agent David Harris, the New York Jets' long-time linebacker:

"I think a quick fix for that Atlanta defense is [Jets linebacker] David Harris is up for free agency, and Rex has the ability to bring a guy like that over," Scott said. "He has the ability to bring a guy like [Jets linebacker] Calvin Pace over [via trade] who knows the system and lives in Atlanta. He can bring Harris there to run it if [Sean] Weatherspoon can't stay healthy. If Weatherspoon is healthy, you move him to the spot I used to play and David Harris plays his spot.

If Rex does land a head coaching spot this year, and it certainly looks like he will, this is a very dangerous situation if any of the Jets defensive players hit the open market. Rex has many fans in the locker room, and players love to play for him, so if the Jets don't show the money, I wouldn't be surprised to see players fly to Rex's new home.

I can't imagine Rex turning up on Harris's lawn if the inside linebacker does indeed hit free agency, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a few Jets players signed to Rex's new team.

David Harris has his problems, specifically in coverage, but he is far from the main problem with this Jets team, and losing him would create another hole that we have to fill. We would be wise to not let many of our players whom we'd like to keep hit free agency.