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Latest on New York Jets Search: General Manager & Head Coach

It's been a few days since we updated you on the overall search. We have interviews and second interviews occurring right now.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The information below has been taken from the official New York Jets website.

Interview Scheduled

Jon Robinson (TB)


Rod Graves (NYJ)

Chris Grier (MIA)

Trent Kirchner (SEA)

Bill Kuharich (CLE)

Mike Maccagnan (HOU)

Rick Mueller (PHI)

Second Interview Scheduled

Mike Maccagnan (HOU)

My Thoughts: It would appear that Mike Maccagnan is one of the leading prospects for this position, however it could also be that they are unsure on Mike and just want to get him back in for another chat. He is the only general manager candidate who has received a second interview as of writing this article. He is described as having a real eye for talent evaluation with a detailed and private personality preferring to go to work rather than talk to the media. He's also been described as someone who is willing to admit when he has made a mistake, which is a good trait to have when you need to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Head Coahes


Todd Bowles (ARI)

Tom Cable (SEA)

Anthony Lynn (NYJ)

Doug Marrone

Dan Quinn (SEA)

Frank Reich (SD)

My thoughts: We know that no decision has been made regarding the head coaching position of the Jets. A team source confirmed to us that it was an ongoing process. It is believed, however, that the leading candidates are Dan Quinn from Seattle and Todd Bowles from Arizona. If we are closer to hiring a general manager, it could be that we are waiting to do so before looking at second interviews with the best candidates. Both Bowles and Quinn have interviewed with other teams. However, with Seattle still in the playoffs, Quinn can not accept a position until they are eliminated.

The feeling I get, and this is just a feeling, is that we are close to hiring the general manager. At that point, the decision will be made to hire the head coach. If I had to put my money on the hires, I would say Dan Quinn is going to be the head coach and Mike Maccagnan will be the general manager.

We'll keep you updated, but right now, this is where we stand.