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Update:No Decision Made (Rumour: Jets Will Hire Dan Quinn - Fox Sports)

According to Alex Marvez, the Dan Quinn to the Jets is all but done and he's already reaching out to candidates.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to Alex Marvez, who was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show, it seems as though the New York Jets have all but decided who their head coach is going to be, and Dan Quinn is already reaching out to possible staff members:

This isn't really surprising. As Scott mentioned earlier, there are rumours that Quinn is looking at Kyle Shanahan as the potential offensive coordinator. Alex Marvez is the senior NFL writer at Fox Sports, and he also commented that the Cleveland Browns are expected to part company with Kyle Shanahan.

I would love the hire of Dan Quinn, and it would be ever better if he brought Shanahan with him. Let's hope this turns out to be true.

* UPDATE - 4:05pm EST

Following this quote from Fox Sports, I have it on good authority that the Jets have made no decision regarding their Head Coach position. Dan Quinn has not been hired or been promised the job, and efforts are still on going to identify the correct candidate.