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Most Active GGN Commentators 2014

We've privileged here at GGN. We can write as much as we like, but unless someone reads it, it's really not worth all that much. We've established one of the finest communities on the internet for informed, intelligent New York Jets chat.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you just read, contribute one comment a week to our articles, or spear the discussion, we appreciate it. We can't always respond to every comment, FanPost and FanShot, but I can assure you that between the writers here at GGN, we read 98% of them.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who comments here from the staff. You are the reason we write and the reason Gang Green Nation has such a positive reputation among fans, New York Jets officials and players.

SB Nation have been kind enough to send us some data for 2014, and I wanted to share it with you today. Here are our most active members in three different categories, and I'll be doing this again next year, so even more reason to hop on and contribute whenever you can.

Awards for Gang Green Nation

Most FanPosts

Crackback 74
Xes&Os 31
doc1453 28
onecrazymoflo 22
SheWantsTheDee 19
MachlinT 18
tinley24 17
rminton618 17
Dylan87 16
Scott_60 16

Most FanShots

David Vill 17
Tamarack 5
itsunclepauley 4
Can't!Wait 4
Doghnut 4
OldJetsFanatic 2
jason_nj 2
SolarmusGGN 2
David_Wyatt 2
NegativeNancy 2

Most Comments

Dr Football 19659
Broadway Jose 12260
JoCaT33 12192
adam.sigma 9342
BenSchneier22 8495
Crackback 7533
John B 7300
GangGreenRCR 6863
Gang Green Gang 5880
Smackdad 5469

Thank you again for making Gang Green Nation your place for all things Jets. We had an amazing 2014 in terms of visits, views, social shares and progress in more ways than we can say right now. Let's ensure that 2015 is even better, and by the looks of the first week, we're sure it will be.