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Jets GM and Coaching Search Discussion Thread 1/7

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a big day in this search for a general manager and a head coach. The New York Jets meet with coaching candidates Todd Bowles and Frank Reich. After this, the team will have met with all of its initial candidates who were willing to interview.

Gary Kubiak refused to meet with teams until the Ravens season is over. That may or may not eliminate him from consideration depending on the timeframe the Jets want for a hire and how deep Baltimore goes into the postseason.

Does this make a hire imminent? Not necessarily since a coach like Dan Quinn might be the final target. The Jets could not make Quinn a firm offer until the Seahawks are finished in the Playoffs, although a wink wink deal could certainly be done.

While we are talking about Quinn, a favorite media storyline died yesterday as the Miami Dolphins hired Mike Tannenbaum, Quinn's agent. Obviously it would be a major conflict of interest for Tannenbaum to negotiate on Quinn's behalf against any of the 31 teams he is about to compete directly against (particularly when he might have to advise Quinn whether or not to choose his future division rival) so Tannenbaum is no longer representing the coach.