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Scouting The Draft: 2015 Prospect List

It's that time of year again as I move into hibernation to scout numerous prospects ahead of the 2015 NFL draft. The draft will kick off on April 30th which gives us 4 months to get through as many players as possible. I've already been busy jotting down notes in my trust book so hopefully you're all going to enjoy the series again this year.

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I just wanted to kick the series off with an open thread, asking for your suggestions on players to scout. If you have a small school guy who you think is worth the time to look at, then let me know and I'll see if I can get some tape on them.

Fortunately the series has become quite popular, to the point where several prospects send me some tape they've had their athletic department put together, so even if they are obscure, it's well worth letting me know so I can contact them.

We will of course be covering all the top prospects. So expect to see reports on players like Cooper, Mariota, White and many others who are projected around the same area. We'll also dive into a few sleeper prospects and late round gems.

I always try and focus reports on areas of need for the Jets. So you'll see lots of QB's, WR's, CB's and offensive lineman this year, but of course we'll still chip in with the odd defensive lineman and running back.

The rumour is that Jameis Winston will return back to school for another year, so I'll be holding off on his report until we get a clear decision from the 1st round quarterback.