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New York Jets HC/GM Search: Quinn the Favorite, Marrone Out?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

According to Chris Mortensen on SportsCenter, Dan Quinn is the favorite for the New York Jets head coaching position. Mortensen also stated that Doug Marrone doesn't have much of a chance, despite reports to the contrary that stated he was an early favorite. Both candidates have already been interviewed.

It seems as though the team has been asking both their head coaching and general manager candidates who they would like to work with. In a sense, they're killing two birds with one stone. Armed with this information, they can bring in a combo at once, without having to conduct consecutive searches.

According to Mortensen, Quinn has said he doesn't want to work with Trent Kirchner because he doesn't believe he's a personnel guy, for whatever that means. It's slightly confusing since Kirchner has a heavy scouting background, so I'm not quite clear on what that means exactly. Perhaps he means more players already within the NFL, as it relates to free agency and such. We do know that Quinn wanted George Paton, who is out of the race and declined to be interviewed. Regardless, I'm quietly deleting all of my Kirchner/Quinn tweets and articles.

It's all shaping up as a highly entertaining process. It seems as though the team is being significantly more aware of the pairing between HC and GM. Last time around, they forced the HC on the GM. This time, they're being more careful to find a match.