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Time to Panic: Everyone Is Rejecting the Jets

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Sweet mother of god, it's time to panic. Eric DeCosta, George Paton, Ryan Pace, and now Chris Ballard have all rejected interviews with the New York Jets for their general manager position.

Actually, only DeCosta and Paton have really rejected the team, and DeCosta was almost certainly never going to come here anyway. Pace has received a promotion to essentially acting general manager as Mickey Loomis spends more time on the New Orleans Pelicans, where he's a head honcho as well. Ballard is rumored to be headed to the Chicago Bears, where he worked for eleven years as an area scout. That seems to be more of a reflection on his time with Chicago, rather than on the Jets.

So, it's not really time to panic, even though it may seem like it at first glance. It is a good opportunity to use one of my favorite clips from The Simpsons, but it's clear that most of top guys for the position aren't really interested, for whatever reason. There are still a number of good options, such as Trent Kirchner, Scot McCloughlan, Rich Mueller, Mike Macagnan, etc. Let's hope they land one of those candidates.