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Eric Decker Trying To Recruit Demaryius Thomas

This is more a tongue in cheek article because I think we all appreciate that Thomas isn't going anywhere.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas are good friends from their time with the Denver Broncos and the current Jet would love to bring his friend over to New York:

Seth Walder of the Daily News had some quotes from the Jets #87

"I've always been doing recruiting," Decker said Friday. "For him, it's a situation where he's kind of waiting. If Denver's going to franchise tag him or if they're going to work out a long term deal... I'd love to have him suit up in a New York Jets uniform and be a teammate of mine. He's one of the best receivers in this league and I always enjoyed, and it made it easier to play alongside someone like him."

Playing across from a man who warrants double coverage is always going to make it easier for a #2 receiver. After a slow start to his career in Denver, Thomas has quickly become one of the best receivers in the league with Peyton Manning as his QB. He just finished off his third straight season with 1,000 or more yards receiving and 10 or more touchdowns.

However even the most optimistic Jets fan appreciates the chances of a Decker/Thomas reunion is extremely small. John Elway won't let his best receiver hit free agency, he just won't. If they can't work out a long-term deal, then they will franchise tag him and work it out before the season starts.

Deckers comments do raise a good point about the need the Jets have for a Thomas or Dez Bryant type receiver. They don't just make you better with their own talent, they make receivers around them better because they see less coverage shifts, they make it easier to run as it keeps safeties out of the box.

The Jets do need a true big play receiver to compliment Decker, just don't expect it to be Thomas.