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Jets Add 3 More To Todd Bowles Coaching Staff

Three more coaches are in the door and the coaching staff is pretty much complete.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

As we mentioned earlier this week, Jimmie Johnson has come on board to coach the TE's, that's a very strong hire with him getting the best out of multiple tight ends with the Vikings.

Daylon McCucheon has joined the team as the defensive backs assistant coach. Daylon played under Bowles in Cleveland and also interned with the Arizona Cardinals last off-season, strangely enough he interned with the Jets the year before. This is an entry level coaching hire, giving a young man his shot at creating a future in coaching.

Finally we have Ryan Slowik who has come on board as the defensive line assistant coach and the defensive quality control coach. 2015 will be Slowik's 11th year as a coach in the league, and he spent the last two years working with Bowles in Arizona. He has also previously worked with the Denver Broncos.

You have two very established coaches and one newcomer to the coaching game. We continue to add a mix of experience with youth.

A big welcome to New York to all three of the coaches.