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Tommy Bohanon: 2014 and Beyond

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Tommy Bohanon's 2014 season was cut short by a broken collarbone Week 4 against the Lions.

He was two weeks removed from his best game as a pro, a 2 catch, 32 yard outing against Green Bay. A lot of people, myself included, gave Bohanon a lot of praise for that effort. It was a very disappointing rookie season in 2013 for the man known as T-Bo. He struggled as a blocker and hadn't provided much either as a ball handler. Was this a sign of things to come?

I think there are two types of useful fullbacks in the NFL. The first is the traditional type. These guys are bulldozers as extra blockers. They lead the way for the back carrying the ball. They can also pass protect. In this era where teams want to throw the ball all over the field and find athletic mismatches, these traditional fullbacks are a dying breed. I personally think they are useful. The fact the league is moving away from them means these players are going to be available for peanuts, and at the very least they can situationally help teams run the ball.

The second type is a hybrid. Maybe these backs can double as power runners. Maybe they are athletic mismatches with soft hands in the passing game. Maybe they are even both.

Based on what I have seen from Bohanon, he is neither fish nor fowl. He has the athletic attributes of the traditional fullback but tries to play like a hybrid. What you end up with is a back who is not an adept blocker but not particularly threatening in the passing game.

After I went back and looked at that Green Bay game, I was less impressed with Bohanon. I give credit to any player who catches a football and makes a run. With that said, there is a big difference between somebody making a play and somebody happening to be wide open because of where he is running meshed with the defense. I'll let you decide which of the two it was on those two catches.

Should the Jets bring Bohanon to training camp in 2015. Why not? He's on a cheap seventh round rookie contract. In fairness to him, he also has only one real NFL season under his belt. Maybe things will click, and he will turn into a quality blocker.