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Antonio Cromartie: "If New York Want Me, I'm There"

Former Jet Antonio Cromartie was on first take today and he confirmed that he'd be interested in playing for the Jets once again.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Last year our cornerbacks were a mess. At points we started an undrafted free agent in Williams. Our #1 CB went down with an injury, our incoming rookie CB went down with an injury and out former 1st round CB was only ever good enough to be a #3 in the NFL. We lacked any resemblance of leadership or play-making ability.

Meanwhile our former cornerback was out in Arizona, and while he may not be an elite corner, he's certainly better than anything we had. He finished the season with 3 interceptions, 10 pass defenses and 49 tackles. He will be 31 by the time the season kicks off, however we could do a lot worse.

When asked if he would return to the Jets, his response was simple:

"If New York want me I'm there, I'm just being honest"

Antonio Cromartie was with the Jets for 4 years and was part of a superb secondary with Revis in 2010. He struggled through injuries his final year with the Jets but still managed to end the season with 3 interceptions. In fact Cromartie hasn't registered less than 3 interceptions in a season since 2008.

On a one year deal, I would welcome Cromartie back with open arms. Having worked with Todd Bowles last year, he knows what to expect and I thought he looked excellent in Arizona.