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Mike Maccagnan: "Forming Strategy To Attack Free Agency"

The New Jets GM has barely got his feet under the desk, but he's busy forming his strategy for how to attack free agency.

NJ Advance Media for via USA TODAY Sports

Here is another snippet from Mike Maccagnan's interview on the Boomer and Carton show on CBS Sports Network.

When asked about what kind of general manager he is going to be, Mike Maccagnan offered up an interesting answer.

We have a lot of cap room, I would say we are going to be very active in free agency, that would not be a mis-statement by any stretch of the imagination. When I say that...we're still forming our strategy in terms of how we're going to attack free agency. I think we're going to be very active in terms of going after a number of players, but whether they are the high profile big dollar guys or spread the money around a little more and get the second tier good value type guys, that's sort of the process we're working through right now, but we'll definitely be active in free agency, that to me is a huge way to potentially bring talent in to our roster on a short term basis.

I don't think Mike can say what kind of general manger he is going to be because this is his first job in that position. He'll be working out a way to make this team competitive. Whether that's targeting the big free agent targets like Darrelle Revis or the 2nd tier guys like Antonio Cromartie and Byron Maxwell. The Demaryius Thomas or the Michael Crabtree, the Mike Lupati or the Orlando Franklin.

It's going to be extremely interesting to see who we target and which positions we make a priority. We have a lot of positions that need upgrading. You can't spend big at every single one of them. The key to being a good GM is to spend big at the important positions and find value at many others. If you can do that, then you're going to put a good football team on the field.