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Maccagnan: Excited To Work With Geno

A day after his introductory news conference, Mike Maccagnan joined Boomer & Carton on CBS Sports Network to talk all things Jets.

William Perlman/NJ Advance Media-USA TODAY Sports

During the introductory press conference, Geno Smith was brought up several times. That's only natural, the most important position, a player who's come under scrutiny, new management with new ideas, you're always going to get asked questions. For the most part they answered the questions well, stating that they needed time to evaluate and that process was only just underway.

However at one point, they referred to Geno Smith as an excellent "College Quarterback". Obviously the media jumped on that immediately, by emphasizing the college aspect, they were subtly saying that Geno was anything but on the professional level. I personally didn't read it like that, and thought nothing of it.

When talking about Geno Smith, new GM Mike Maccagnan said:

"We are kind of excited about working with him...our focus is trying to make every position competitive here."

You can hear the full interview by clicking HERE

Finding the solution for the Quarterback position will probably determine the success that Mike Maccagnan has as the general manager of this football team. We've already focused on the upcoming free agents, and the top players in the draft and we'll continue to focus on that over the next few months.