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Ex Jets QB Coach: Geno's Inconsistency Killed Us

David Lee joined Rex Ryan's coaching staff in Buffalo this week and he had some thoughts on Jets QB Geno Smith.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking to the official Bills website, David Lee commented on the inconsistency the 2nd year QB experienced and how in the end, that really killed the teams chances of victory.

"Rex and I talked about it, (Smith) had some inconsistency and the up and down part is what killed us," Lee said about Smith during an interview on the site's John Murphy Show from Mobile, Ala., home of this week's Senior Bowl. "He would get loose with the football. We played good enough defense to win over there both years, but his play, it'll cost you, and it cost us.

"But he also did some great things. The last five games this season he was the seventh-rated passer in the league. He had a perfect passer rating in his last game at Miami. The potential and ability is there."

It's hard to disagree with anything David Lee said here, however if the talent is there, it's the coaches job to bring it out on a consistent basis. Geno does have talent but he still makes the same mistakes he made in game 1, is it down to Geno just not getting it? Or can this be attributed to the coaches not finding a way to relate to the signal caller. We don't know at this point, but we'll find out soon enough.

*hat tip to Brian Bassett over the at the Jets Blog for spotting this*