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Mike Maccagnan: "We'll Be Very Active In Free Agency"

The Jets new GM is ready to make a splash via free agency.

We've spoken at length this off-season regarding the New York Jets having to spend salary cap this year to ensure they are not in violation of the collective bargaining agreement. Simply put, the Jets will need to spend most of their available cap this year. So it's hardly surprising to hear new GM Mike Maccagnan say that the Jets are going to be active. Although we'll hear more from Mike later this morning when he gives his introductory press conference, he released a couple of statements via the team:

"Building through the draft is ideally what I'd like to do, but we'll be very active in free agency,"

Over the course of the last 6 years, we've had a very aggressive general manager in Mike Tannenbaum, and a very conservative general manager in John Idzik. Lets hope that we have found the happy medium with Mike Macccagnan, a man willing to spend but not overspend, while not overlooking the importance of building through the draft.

Maccagnan mentioned his philosophy was to fill some needs through free agency enabling him to take a BPA approach in the draft. A solid philosophy that could lead to a team full of depth, as long as the players you sign and draft are in the first instance reasonably priced and in the second instance, scouted thoroughly.

We're looking forward to the introductory news conference today, and as always we'll bring you all the vital information later this morning.