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Report: New York Jets Offer Director of College Scouting Job to Rex Hogan

The New York Jets want to hire Rex... no, not that one.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

According to Manish Mehta, the New York Jets have offered Chicago Bears scout Rex Hogan the vacant position of Direct of College Scouting:

What do we know about Hogan? Not much. Hogan worked as in Recruiting and Operations for the University of Notre Dame from 2000-2003, and worked as the Director of Football Operations for the University of Utah in 2003. Following that season, he became a college area scout for the Chicago Bears. In 2012, Hogan was promoted to a national scout for the team, where he has been since.

We know Hogan has an "in" with Vanderbilt and the SEC... his wife is an academic counselor for the athletic department. He liked a number of players from there, such as Earl Bennett and Chris Williams. He liked Evan Rodriguez coming out of the draft. Hogan reportedly had a second round grade on RB James Starks.

Of course, this isn't a particularly star-studded cast of characters, but I'll wait to form a judgment since it's such a small number of the people he scouted and wrote grades on. Hogan isn't an exciting choice, but I don't think it's cause for panic either. Not yet at least, we'll wait to feast on the goo until later.