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Neil Glat's Role in the GM/HC Search

There has been a lot of talk about what Neil Glat is doing in the interview room as Woody Johnson, Charley Casserly, and Ron Wolf interview head coach and general managers for the two open spots. We have it from the team that Glat, the team president and the man who is in charge of the business side of the team, is not there to insert himself in the football questions and discussions posed to the candidates. He is there solely to discuss the business side and organization of the team, which is far more relevant to his skills and experience.

A number of fans have been concerned about the role the "business side" of the team is playing in what should be a football decision, so this should allay some questions. Especially for the general manager position, it's important to know their organizational philosophy and how they will mesh with the existing organization. To that end, Glat can be useful.