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Report: Chan Gailey Not "Slam Dunk"

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Jason LaCanfora reports Chan Gailey might not be a lock for the Jets offensive coordinator job.

It is unclear who the alternative or alternatives might be. There have been rumors former college head coach Colorado, Washington and UCLA Rick Neuheisel has Todd Bowles' eye. That is just from the rumor mill, though. We cannot say for sure whether there are other possible candidates.

It is difficult to say whether I think this is good news or bad news. There are a lot of coaches better than Gailey and a lot of coaches worse than Gailey. I kind of liked him for this job because he is pretty creative and adaptable and used to scheming around talent deficiencies.

I also liked the idea of having Gailey around to give Bowles advice. The Jets are a fairly high profile job. Gailey's first head coaching job in the NFL was an even more high profile job, the Cowboys near the tail end of the Aikman days. It would be nice for Bowles to have a sounding board who could advise him from experience some of the pitfalls of being a head coach.

If it is not Gailey, hopefully it is somebody better.