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New York Jets May Hire Brian Heimerdinger

Now that Terry Bradway and Jeff Bauer are gone, the New York Jets need to bring in new scouts. It's not clear if Heimerdinger would be brought in as a director of scouting or in some lower spot, but it's interesting news.

Heimerdinger has been in the NFL for just five years, three of which have been with the St. Louis Rams. He works in the personnel department. His responsibilities include evaluating all players on nine NFL rosters, as well as cross-checking all wide receivers, quarterbacks, and tight ends for free agency. He provides advance scouting reports to the coaching staff. He also serves as an area scout for the southwest, and cross-checks all wide receivers, an area of perpetual need by the Jets. Previously, he interned for the Houston Texans, which explains the Mike Maccagnan connection. It's also good to see the Jets connection through his father. Here's an interesting article on Mike Heimerdinger.