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Charley Casserly On Bowles & Maccagnan Working Together

Woody Johnson was committed to a thorough interview process when hiring his GM and HC, and some have asked the question about the working relationship between Bowles & Maccagnan.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Charley Casserly has worked with both Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan, so he knows these gentlemen very well, and he has very little doubt that they will enjoy a successful working relationship as they are tasked with turning the New York Jets into a winner.

Speaking to the official Jets website on the hires, Casserly commented:

I never had a question that these two guys could mesh having known both of them, because I think that both of them are football first, they're humble guys, they understand teamwork is essential, they have the same core beliefs on what it takes to be successful as a football team, they're guys that football is the absolute most important thing to them, outside of their families. They don't look for publicity, they're grinders, and that's a football term for guys who work hard. So for me, it was an easy mesh because of what they were looking for in each other and I had no question that these two guys would mesh.

The whole process was a very interesting one. Due to league rules and time restraint, the Jets had no choice but to conduct interviews with both general managers and head coaches at the same time. In an ideal world, they would have interviewed for GM first and then allowed the GM to come in and take part in HC interviews.

However, Todd Bowles was interviewed before the Jets had decided on Maccagnan as the GM. On Bowles' second interview, Maccagnan was there, and I'm confident that was to ensure that both men took to each other as Woody and his consultants had hoped. Looking at the quote above, it seems as though both men were asked in their interview to explain their perfect HC or GM to work with, and when the answers matched up so well, there was very little fear that the two men would not get on.

Remember, the Jets have a new power structure in place. Instead of the head coach reporting to the general manager, who in turn reports to the owner, both the GM and HC will report directly to the owner. This means both men will be equal partners within the Jets, promoting unity.