The 4 Jets Players That Benefit From The Todd Bowles Hire The Most

With a whole new staff in town, there will certainly be players that respond well to the new hirings. Bowles and his staff will utilize players much differently than the ways Rex use to utilize certain guys. I'm going to write about, which players I feel gain the most from the hiring of Bowles and his staff. Here goes nothing:

4) Jace Amaro - This is more to do with the hiring of Gailey than Bowles. While Bowles is a defensive mind, he almost certainly can not be worse than Rex and his guys at developing offensive talent. The Gailey hiring is interesting for Amaro. Gailey will run a spread based offense that specializes in short passes and getting tight ends and slot receivers across the middle of the field in space. While I think a guy like Harvin or even Kerley will also benefit from this new system, I think Amaro will benefit the most. While I expect Amaro to continue to progress heading into year 2, I am really excited what the new system can do for him. In Buffalo, Scott Chandler had some of the best years of his career under Gailey in his offense. Amaro will be going back to an offense that fits his strength and is much more similar to the run he had tremendous success with in college. That can only help him going into year #2.

3) Dee Milliner - I have no idea how Milliner is going to come back from his Achilles injury. There's a very high chance Milliner will never be the same player and might be beyond repair. However, the signing of Bowles and his staff gives him a better chance of developing than Rex's regime would have. Bowles specializes in defensive backs, that's where he started as a coach. While many will view the signing of Joe Danna as a negative, I think it might actually be an underrated signing. The Atlanta Falcons pass defense was terrible, that's not disputable. However, the lack of talent on that defense is alarming. The one thing Danna did well was develop Desmond Trufant who was actually picked 13 picks after Milliner was. Bowles' defense will also feature a lot more zone which can only suite to Milliner's strengths a bit more than Rex's physical, press-man scheme defense.

2) Geno Smith - Now, I am not saying Geno will even be the starter next year. I'm not a huge Geno guy. I do think however his final few weeks showed that at the very least, he deserves a shot to come back to COMPETE next year. His cap value is just too small to justify cutting him outright, in my opinion. Gailey's offense should fit to Geno's strengths much more than Marty's west coast scheme. It's much more similar to the offense Geno ran in West Virginia. Gailey's offenses have had a reputation of scheming around and maximizing the talents of the players in it. It will feature much more screens and short passes. Expect the shotgun to stay around, but the deep drop backs to decrease this next year.

1) Calvin Pryor - This is the guy I think Jets fans should be extremely interested in. The one thing that really stood out to me when watching Bowles' defense these past few years, is the way he uses safeties. He's developed safeties everywhere he's been and that was especially true in Arizona. Deone Bucannan, Rashad Johnson, and Tyrann Mathieu all had extremely good years with Bowles. Bowles loves to utilize the "Big Nickel" package so expect many 3 safety sets. Expect Pryor to be in a role that will fit his strengths much more. A more boxed type role that will allow him to take advantage of his strengths (his quick first burst and terrific instincts). If Bowles can just develop Pryor's angles and pass coverage a bit, Pryor should have a really nice future here.

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