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Schefter: Gene Smith Might Take On Advisory Role

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter had an update today on the New York Jets quizzical interest in former Jacksonville Jaguars GM Gene Smith. Although earlier reports from both he and Jason La Canfora indicated a "considerable" role in the front office, Mike Maccagnan is reportedly considering him for an "advisory" type role.

To me, the implication of a "considerable" role would have been a Terry Bradway-type role as Director of College Scouting. If that were the case, the team might as well just keep on Bradway. If Smith is just an advisor, I still would not be quite happy, but I also wouldn't be looking to buy a billboard. Schefter went on to say that the team is looking for a role for Smith, which would indicate it would not be as influential a role as Director of College Scouting, which was the earlier implication.

Why does Maccagnan want Smith? According to Schefter, it's because Smith has experience and could give Maccagnan guidance. Hopefully, if this comes to pass, Maccagnan is bringing him on with the intent on doing the opposite of Smith's advice.

For more information on why I have been so opposed to Smith, I encourage you to read Grantland and BigCatCountry's explanations.

Hat tip to @JJoyJets.