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Mel Kiper Mock: Shane Ray, DE, Missouri

With the college all-star games either in flow or on the horizon, it's officially draft season.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's far too early to accurately predict who the New York Jets are going to draft when it comes down to it in Chicago. However, it doesn't stop us from guessing and discussing.

Earlier today Mel Kiper released his latest Mock Draft and he had the Jets selecting Missouri defensive end/outside linebacker prospect Shane Ray:

Analysis: The Jets could go in another direction in terms of defensive system now that former coach Rex Ryan isn't running point on that side of the ball, but they need to add a pure pass-rusher to go with the significant talent they have elsewhere along the defensive line regardless of system. Ray was arguably the most productive pass-rusher in college football this season and is no one-trick pony -- he really shows off an arsenal, a blend of technique, explosiveness and just relentlessness. The Jets have other needs, but if a quarterback isn't available here, I like Ray as a fit. Repeat after me: You can neverhave too many pass-rushers.

I wouldn't be against Ray. It's my personal opinion that you select on a vertical draft board in round one rather than a horizontal one. If you can add someone who you believe to be an elite talent, you do it. I happen to absolutely love Shane Ray's game and would welcome him on this defense. Also, if you consider the last player we got from Missouri, I wouldn't mind heading back there if players are gone. We'll have a scouting report up on Ray before the end of the month but for now, what do you think?

Players not available in this mock:

1) Jameis Winston

2) Marcus Mariota

3) Leonard Williams

4) Amari Cooper

5) Randy Gregory