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Report: New York Jets Targeting Keith Armstrong

There was a report last night that the New York Jets wanted to interview Keith Armstrong the special teams coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you believe the reports, Atlanta wanted to hire Todd Bowles as soon as Rex Ryan elected to sign on with the Buffalo Bills. However, the New York Jets didn't let him leave the facility without a contract, and his second interview with the Atlanta Falcons set for Wednesday was cancelled.

According to ESPN's Vaughn McClure, Todd Bowles wants his college teammate and current Falcons ST coach to follow him to New York. However, the Falcons aren't playing ball. Due to the move being a lateral one, they don't have to allow the Jets to poach one of their coaches.

Bowles will be busy trying to complete his staff before the evaluation period begins, and it remains to be seen whether the Jets will go back in for Armstrong.

Armstrong has previously been in charge of special teams with the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins. Unless I'm mistaken, Football Outsiders ranked Atlanta as a top 10 special teams unit last year, so it's not surprising to hear they don't want to lose him, especially to the coach they reportedly wanted to hire.