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Todd Bowles' Influences

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Todd Bowles has worked under a number of head coaches in the NFL.

  • Al Groh
  • Butch Davis
  • Bill Parcells
  • Tony Sparano
  • Andy Reid
  • Bruce Arians

I find this interesting. Good coaches come in all shapes and sizes. Some spend the majority of their careers as assistants under the same guy.

I am intrigued when it comes to somebody like Bowles who has not been afraid to try new approaches in his career as an assistant. I find the best managers frequently learn from their experiences as subordinates and adapt accordingly. They learn from the people who manage them. They copy the techniques they like and stay away from the things they don't like.

Bowles' stops before becoming a head coach provided him with a number of different experiences. He worked under successful head coaches like Parcells, Reid, and Arians. He also worked under coaches who weren't so successful in the NFL like Groh, Davis, and Sparano. He has had a chance to compare and contrast his various bosses and examine what enhanced or limited their success.

I'll leave you with one final interesting note. We can probably count Charlie Casserly and Ron Wolf among Bowles' influences. Bowles played for Casserly in Washington and worked under Wolf in Green Bay in the personnel department.