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Arizona Cardinals Who Could Follow Todd Bowles To New York

Last week we looked at a number of players who could make the trip from Seattle to New York if Dan Quinn was hired. Today we focus in on which Cardinal players may follow their HC to New York.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

When it looked like Dan Quinn was heading to New York, we wrote about some Seattle Seahawks players who could follow him to New York. Now we have officially unveiled Todd Bowles as our new head coach, we're going to take a look at several players that could follow him to New York.

It's interesting to note that Todd Bowles will be very familiar with the Seahawks defensive personnel, having come from a division rival, so our article regarding the Seahawks is still very relevant, check it out by clicking HERE

Now lets get into the meat of this:

Antonio Cromartie, CB, 30, 9th Season. 48 tackles, 10 pass defenses, 3 interceptions

Cromartie is the wrong side of 30 and is coming off a pretty average season considering how many yards he gave up. However he is still light-years ahead of anyone we have. He knows Todd Bowles defense he should come relativel affordable around the $4-$5 million mark and he makes plays. 10 passes defended and 3 interceptions are good numbers, especially for a team like the Jets who failed to create many turnovers last year. He has spoken very highly of Bowles and of the Jets, it would seem logical to expect and want him back.

Dan Williams, DT, 27, 5th Season, 32 tackles, 1 sack, 12 QB hurries, 2 QB Hits

With both Ellis and Harrison set to hit free agency this off-season, it seems likely the Jets will need to make an addition on the defensive line. Dan Williams would be an excellent addition for any team wanting to stop the run. He's obviously very familiar with the Bowles defense and he is rated as one of the best run stuffing tackles in the league. I read a lot of articles regarding Williams and his work ethic and commitment was apparent straight off the bat. He's young, he's healthy and he's committed. Sign me up.

Sam Acho, OLB, 26, 4th Season, 31 tackles, 1 sack, 1 hit, 23 QB Hurries

The Jets need to get younger and better at the OLB position and Acho has the potential to do both. Acho came into the league and immediately made a difference having 7 sacks and 4 forced fumbles in his first year, he continued to play extremely well in his second year before suffering a season ending injury only a handful of games into 2013. Through 2014 he's looked a little off while battling Matt Shaughnessy for playing time. He can be electric off the edge and his 23 QB hurries were impressive in 2014, if he can start converting them back to sacks, we're onto a winner. Remember he plays in a division with Wilson and Kaepernick, two very elusive QB's.

Other possibilities:

Tommy Kelly is a defensive end who's coming off a very strong season. He is 34 and we are set at defensive end, but depending on price, he may be an option.

Larry Foote is also a free agent but I would avoid him, he's struggled in coverage and wouldn't be an upgrade over anything we currently have.

John Abraham, bringing back a former Jet? I'll pass.

Most of the offensive free agents are not worth a look really. Robert Housler is a downgrade on what we have, and guard Paul Fanaika wasn't very effective, although he only gave up one sack. Ryan Lindley? Pass.Jonathan Dwyer? Pass.