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Mike Maccagnan Hired as Jets GM: What They're Saying

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Here are statements tonight as the Jets have officially hired Mike Maccagnan as their general manager.

Mike Maccagnan:

“In my line of work, having the chance to serve as a general manager is what you work towards your entire career. Having a supportive owner who is passionate and committed to delivering a winning team to the fans is one of the keys to building a successful organization. I have enjoyed getting to know Mr. Johnson during the interview process and am grateful to him for this opportunity. We have a solid foundation of players and a state-of-the-art facility in one of the most exciting and dynamic areas in America. As with all teams, there are some areas we need to address, but we’re going to hire the right head coach, evaluate our personnel, and work together to build a football operation to get the New York Jets back on the winning track.”

Woody Johnson:

“We interviewed a number of impressive, qualified candidates, but Mike Maccagnan clearly stood out. Mike’s attention to detail, strong personnel background and collaborative approach to evaluating players made it clear that he is the right choice to be the next General Manager of the New York Jets. I want to thank Charley Casserly and Ron Wolf for their contributions during this search. Their experience, guidance and expertise have been invaluable. We are proud to welcome Mike to the organization and I am confident that he will help us build a winning team.

Charley Casserly:

"Mike Maccagnan is an outstanding football man, one who is highly organized, and an excellent evaluator. He is very thorough in his preparation and will do a terrific job for the Jets."

Ron Wolf:

"I was impressed by Mike Maccagnan’s professionalism, intelligence, preparation, awareness and attention to detail. He has a great understanding of this league and the skill and ability to evaluate personnel."