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Some Thoughts on Todd Bowles

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets are expected to bring in Todd Bowles, the defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals, for a second interview. Bowles is a widely respected coordinator and, along with Dan Quinn, one of the most sought after candidates on the market.

After Quinn, Bowles is my second choice. He runs a nasty defensive scheme, not too dissimilar from Rex Ryan, that is aggressive and has time and again performed extremely well even when multiple star players have gone down. He previously worked as the interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins after Tony Sparano was fired. He's earned his shot.

However, what concerns me about Bowles is his reported interest in Chan Gailey and Rick Neuheisel as the offensive coordinator. Combined with his defensive scheme, this reminds me too much of the Rex Ryan failures. They would be uninspiring choices, to say the least. I don't know that they're that much of a step above Sparano.

Another report just came out today that they Jets might bring in Kyle Shanahan, presumably even if they hire Bowles.

If this is the path the team takes, and they hire Shanahan or an equally adept offensive mind, I would very happily and excitedly get behind Bowles as the next HC of the NYJ. If not, I don't see how we can really expect much difference from the past six years.