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Gary Kubiak Returning To The Baltimore Ravens

It looks as though Dan Quinn is the heavy favorite for the New York Jets head coaching position, so we may not be too worried about this at all.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

On December 30th the New York Jets requested permission to interview Gary Kubiak, the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator. He confirmed that he would not take any interviews until the Baltimore season was over. On Saturday night, the Ravens crashed out of the play-offs in New England ending their 2014 season.

However, Kubiak told the official Baltimore Ravens website that he would be returning to the Ravens in 2015, all but eliminating him from the vacant head coaching searches happening in Chicago and New York, the two teams that had shown the most interest.

That feeling could be mutual. According to many reports and sources, the Jets have decided to wait for Dan Quinn to finish his season in Seattle before offering him the head coaching position. I can't imagine the Jets would wait for Quinn unless he had assured them that he is willing to accept the offer. Remember he has interviewed with several teams, three of which are still looking for their new Head Coach.

It is being reported that the Jets will confirm the appointment of new GM Mike Maccagnan today, which gives him a chance to interview Quinn after the NFC Championship game on Sunday. Regardless of the power structure, I think it's important to get the new GM to sign off on the appointment, even if it is just a formality.

This is just another step closer to the Jets hiring Dan Quinn.