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Schefter: New York Jets Are Ready to Hire Dan Quinn

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Per Adam Schefter:

Unfortunately, the Seattle Seahawks won last night, so the New York Jets will have to wait another week. They cannot hire or even make an offer to Quinn until his season is over. That means they will either have to wait one more week, if the Seahawks lose in the NFC Championship, or three weeks, if the Seahawks win/lose the Super Bowl. If the Seahawks go on to the Super Bowl, they can interview Quinn again during the bye week before the big game.

It seems like the team really wants Quinn. The only question remaining is if they are willing to wait up to three more weeks to make it happen. I can't imagine they'll do so if they don't have some sort of tacit understanding that Quinn will come here. Otherwise, it's a big risk that they wait, he goes elsewhere, and the team has missed out on the best coaching candidates. Until then, I presume Quinn will keep reaching out to potential coordinators, as he's reported to be doing already.

It's certainly interesting that Mike Maccagnan wants Quinn as well. Maccagnan spent last night in New Jersey, so I presume he would have flown to Seattle with Woody Johnson, Charley Casserly, and Ron Wolf. In the mean time, while we wait, we'll keep an eye on the front office staff that Maccagnan will build.