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Jets GM Search: Howie Roseman Spoke With Team About Job

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports Eagles general manager Howie Roseman reached out to the Jets about their open GM job.

The Jets didn't put in a formal interview request, but it is believed that Roseman or his agent, Bob LaMonte, had informal talks with either consultant Charlie Casserly or owner Woody Johnson. The Jets' level of interest was unknown.

Manish Mehta says the interest was only one way.

The story linked above is probably more about the level of disconnect within the Eagles organization right now than about the Jets' general manager search. Tom Gamble, a former Jets general manager candidate, was forced out of the organization this week, and it sounds like he was a pawn in an emerging battle between Roseman and Chip Kelly.

In any event, it does not sound like Roseman will be a candidate.